Online CPPC –E01
E01: US$960/year
Online Database of CPPC contains over 32,000 chemical products and over 25,000 chemical manufacturers.
Step 1: Entering into main page at : /info/Product/Main.aspx
Following picture is the start page of online database of CPPC:
(A) Search Area: you may input keyword or CAS number according to Product name, CAS number, or Company Name to find Companies.
(B) Product Category Area: 19 categories in all and each category having sub-categories, by clicking on category (B), (C) area will show
(C) Active Products List Area: it will display the code number of the active product, products name, CA Register Number.
Step 2: By clicking on the product code, it will show as following picture and list producers of the product item. By clicking “Next” linkage to list more.
Step 3: Directly click every Producer linkage, it will show you detail information