Price Online Database
E03 : US$800/year

Online database of price contains 4 types price data of ex-work price, petrochemical price, local market, reference price.

Step1: Entering into main page at /info/Price/Default.aspx

(A) Search Area: You can find 4 different types price data by inputting product name,CAS no, Product code.
(B) Category Selection: There are 10 categories of chemical and related chemical products.
(C) Products list: It will show product name, CAS no, product code. Click product name or product code, it will be active.

Step 2: Input the product name you are interested in the “Search Area”.( for example ,Hydrochloric Acid).The following picture will be shown.


Step 3: If you want to view 4 types price data for a product (for examply: Hydrochloric Acid), click “Show All Types Price” in the top right corner, You will view the following picture.


Step 4: If you are interested in one type price data, click the one of “Ex-work “,”Petrochemical”, ”Local Market”, “Reference Price” you need. Then click ” Show All Records in This Type ”, the picture will appear.