Importer and Exporter Online Database
E06: US$1300/year

Online Database of importers and exporters offer updated importers and exporters detailed information every month of over 2,000 chemical products and related chemical products.
Step 1: Entering the main page: /info/ImperExper/Default.aspx
It will be shown as the following picture:


Step 2: The system default “product” in Search area, please choose the proper year, then click “HS code” or “Product Name” to search what you need. (for example , methanol, 2006 ) The following picture will be shown. Or you click “Company” in Search area to search by inputting company name.


Click the product code “29051100
Step3: Please choose the proper year, month, import or export, different province in China.


Step 4: Click the company in theChina Importer Name”, it will appear the picture.


Click the arrow, you will view the import & export data.